Crown & Bridge

At Howth Road Dental we are very experienced at placing crowns to help restore or replace a missing or damaged tooth. If you require one or several crowns to be put in place, you can rest assured that you are in capable and caring hands. We only use quality materials and the best local dental laboratories, to ensure you crown and bridge work is of the highest standard.

Dental Crown
When a tooth is cracked, decayed, or damaged, a crown may need to be fitted onto the tooth. A crown is a permanent covering that fits over the original tooth. Crowns can be made of porcelain, gold and other metals, acrylic resin, or a mix of these materials. Porcelain crowns typically have the most realistic appearance. Crowns can whiten, reshape, and realign existing teeth, adding to a bright, healthy smile.

Dental Bridge
A bridge is used to fill the space where a tooth has fallen out or been removed. A typical bridge consists of a pontic (a filler tooth) that is attached to two surrounding abutments (crowns). Once complete, this bridge structure is bonded into the mouth. Without the use of a bridge, spaces in the mouth from missing teeth can cause multiple teeth to shift, lead to occlusion (biting) and/or jaw problems and spur periodontal disease.

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